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Nov 26, 2021

What would it be like for you to really experience Christmas this year and not just survive it? More than ever, we need a fresh perspective on what peace on earth—and peace in our hearts—was meant to be. Check out our ultimate Christmas playlist this advent. #LetThereBePeace #messiahyl

Nov 21, 2021

What is most important to you? Where do you put your trust? You may have a multitude of loyalties...and this could be worth thinking about. For what are you most thankful? and from where does that provision originate? This Thanksgiving week is a good time to reflect. #UnconditionalLove #GiveThanks #messiahyl

Nov 14, 2021

A loneliness epidemic is a potential outcome of fear, pandemic distancing, and separation. Being given to each other is God's plan for satisfying our community and relationship needs. We belong to God and we belong to each other. #HolidayBlues #WeNeverStandAlone #DoingLifeTogether #messiahyl

Nov 7, 2021

Who may stand in the presence of the Lord?...anyone who's heart is pure and walk is blameless. And who is that? Although we are not righteous on our own, through Jesus, we are graciously allowed to walk humbly with God. Having received this gift, we are called to share grace with others. Even while a sinner we are...

Oct 31, 2021

If we put our hearts into it, we can continue to be reformed by the nature of God's grace. Can you see we are presently in another period of great reformation? The fellowship of the church is transforming to be relational; shedding fear, guilt, and shame. Where is your heart today? Put your treasure into the center...